Now that Democrats won the house, here is what they should do…

It has been 10 days since the 2018 midterm elections occurred and with all of the 435 seats of the House of Representatives up for grabs, Democrats won the majority with over 228 seats and still counting; crashing the house with what many call the blue wave.

Now that they have control of one of the congressional chambers, what should they do?


For one, they should unite among themselves and strategize to deliver for the millions of Americans who have shown up to the polls. Democrats should legislate and serve while finding meaningful ways to keep the American public engage in policies making. Democrats should work to improve the quality of lives of so many people who have known nothing but struggles while living in the land of opportunities.

Democrats must continue the fight for healthcare, prison reform, and comprehensive immigration reform. The fight should not take place on Twitter; instead, it should take place on the House floor with strong bills and engagement with the community builders in their districts.

In less than 24 hours after the 2018 midterm election results, Democrats have managed to let dramatical stories make their ways to the American public and President Trump. Stories about who should be the next house speaker? Or, investigate and subpoena President Trump in the Russia Meddling of the 2016 presidential elections. In real Trump style, he responded without holding back in his post-midterm press conference saying “They can play that game, but we can play it better”

In my non-senior knowledge of political strategies, I can see that if Democrats waste time investigate, Vote No on Bills and only work to resist Trump without delivering for the American public; it will be their demise. The resistance against bigotry and racism is indeed important, but the voters want to see effective results. They want to see the fulfillment of the promises of justice, equality, and equity that the candidates made during their campaign.

Every democrat representatives need to understand that time has changed, that there is a large group of Amount of people who do not care about decency, respect or even laws and regulations sadly… if Democrats tend to believe their roles as a majority is to restore America’s decency, it will be a sad joke in the middle of their misery.

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The results of the midterm elections showed two things. One is that if you give the people a reason to vote, they will show up o the polls. And second, the base of Donald Trump still likes him and will show up for him. Trump campaigned for Republicans this midterm thoroughly and his appearances on gubernatorial races and senatorial races have delivered good results for Republicans. Donald Trump managed to appoint two judges to the supreme court despite the political chaos. Under his administration unemployment has fallen to 3%, the lowest in 50 years. Under his administration, new jobs have increased to a total of 250,000. You can say what you want about the con-man but what he has delivered for his base is what he promised during his presidential campaign in 2016. He makes no apologies being bold, disrespectful, racist and does everything he can to make the country a money machine for the rich. There are some people who see him as a racist and less than presidential, though see some of his accomplishments quite positive. Although he did not talk much about any of those accomplishments while making the appearances he made during the midterm, instead, he talked about the refugees walking and falsely calling it “ A Caravan” no one can deny that he is still well appreciated in his base.

Melina Mara-The Washington Post

With less than two months before the next congressional class takes power, every Democrat should, in fact, they must aim to deliver for the people. Only with their ability to deliver for the nation that the democratic party can hope to have a democratic president in two years. If all they do is resist, vote no and go home, shake Washington and make headlines with investigations, it will be bad for the party. Democrats must rise beyond small conflicts of leadership, and make the people realize why the party still deserves to be believed in and get voted in. It is simple, Democrats must work!



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Jean Dolin

Jean Dolin

Jean was Born and Raised in Haiti and is a proud LGBT Advocate, Philanthropist, Feminist and student in Boston MA. Jean writes about social and current issues.